Structures Entry wins an Honorable Mention

The SAQA Atlantic travelling exhibition ‘Structures’ has now moved on to the Gallery at the Guild, Charlottetown, PEI until August 30th. Then on to Cape Breton at the Inverness County Centre for the Arts Gallery, September 27 to October 18, 2015. I was so pleased my ‘Taliesin Mosaic’ was awarded by the juror, Alan Syliboy, an Honorable Mention along with Deb Plestid. Linda Finley was awarded the Best of Show.

Taliesin Mosaic

Taliesin Mosaic

My inspiration for Taliesin Mosaic comes from the work of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright best known for his geometric elements.

In the 1950’s Wright designed a color palette called Taliesin which he used in his textile lines. This muted palette inspired me to go through my fabric stash and pull similarly colored materials which became the framework for this structure and its embellishment.

Wright’s mosaic designs consist of small parts connected by geometric elements – circles, squares, and triangles. It was my intent to create a balance between these elements and hand embroidery as one component led to another.

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