Anna Torma’s speech for her award

Anna Torma’s speech for the Lieutenant-Governor Awards 2014. She is such a sweetheart.


2 thoughts on “Anna Torma’s speech for her award

  1. Hello Kate
    I read about you in Iskra and looked at your wonderful work.
    I am a Doukhobor living in Saskatoon and would be willing to send you links to people
    who can give you clear factual evidence about Doukhobor culture and history.There are
    all kinds of opinions out there so I think these links will be useful to you so that you can
    have something to compare opinions against actual facts.If you want I will do this.
    Peaceful regards

    • Thank you Bill. Yes, I would be interested in the links. This is an ongoing project for me as I am busy with many other projects – I still have a lot of stuff to read and really enjoy doing the research into the Doukhobor culture – it fascinates me.

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