FAB, my fiber arts bee gathering in Durham NS

Memory of Anoyira Cyprus

my art quilt from a workshop with Linda Mills, Mahone Bay Quilt Guild, NS

I can’t stop thinking about what a ‘full’ (FFFF – fabulous, full, fun, FAB) day that was with Susan, and mom-in-law Judy at Durham. Show and tell at the beginning was the inspiration that kept us lively for the rest of the day. It was awesome. And ending the day with strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream. Like really…. could it get any better?


Deb’s experiment with discharge paste on sateen sheeting

A theme emerged at show and tell, although unplanned, and seemed to be about discharge dying – Deb playing with discharge paste on a dark green/blue sateen sheets, Susan L with her experiments on her already constructed/pieced tops, and Kate (me) playing with a bleach pen on one of Deb’s dyed pieces. Susan L will kindly be supplying us with her info on how to permanently stop the bleach from being active in the fibres. With Susan TM and Deb’s experience too – maybe we could come up with a group fact sheet to share? Could one of you take that on please and contact the other two for input?

Dawna blew us away with her reconstruction of the woven sample she made during Karen’s demo at our last FAB. She enlarged her sample resulting in a soft geometric with this gorgeous subtle harmonious (go s h) fabric mix. (me jealous) And THEN with her 3-D flower. OMG – the possibilities of 3-D form. We insist that Dawna lead us through her process which she gleaned from a Quilting Arts mag. Dawna, let us know the materials you need and we can all ruffle through our supplies to bring to share for this show and do.

Holy crow! Susan TM and the construction of her soft sculpture crow with fimo head/beak and newly carved wing blocks to emboss on black velvet. This is big, I mean this crow is big! Can’t wait to see how it all comes together and methinks this is only the first of many to ‘fly’ in. Visions of numerous crows suspended from the ceiling and a Murder Mystery dinner. You see…it was one of those days!

The Windsor pumpkin races… Karen. Another wonderful pictoral of Nova Scotian culture. The machine stitching on this piece made it come alive. Capturing the calm water with a riot of color and action – the paddlers in the pumpkins. Yes, another quilt to come focusing on the paddlers.

Judy's mom memory bag

made from an original money bank

Our adorable guest (really cute as a button) Judy showed us pieces she had gifted to Susan in years gone by. Altho made several years ago, they were timeless, thoughtful, expertly stitched – the handbag in memory of her mother was equisite. Delicate detail with lace and hand embroidery creating a vintage look suited to the black and white photos. I think she should be our honorary member at large and maybe a retreat in California might be on her doorstep!

My show and tell was my finished art quilt from our very own Linda Mills workshop on Happy Villages, ummm, from uh, was that two years ago? Thank you Linda! I love how it came together and so reminds me of our little village, Anoyira, up in the hills in Cyprus. I brought some stitching to do but barely got any done – just too busy yakking and getting drunk with inspiraton.

Demo was Susan TM and her big box of handmade stamps – mostly from funky foam for her repeats or those one-off’s. I know we all want to clone Susan, or plug into her endless talents. A treasure trove of creativity and a definite treasure to our little troup with her generosity and enthusiasm. 

Upcoming topics to address: pricing! Everyone sets their own standard but what are those standards based on? Think on this one, ladies. Let’s prepare our own formulas and do a share and tell in an upcoming gathering. Reminder: we don’t always have to have demos or mini workshops – we need those days when we can just brain storm (storm brain?) on a topic. And YOUR input, each of you, is a requirement.

On that note, our FAB two year anniversary is coming up this fall! What? Two years! Karen and I are going to be reviewing our original intentions, our written creedo, what has worked and not worked, and where we would like to go to create the ‘ideals’ we wanted in a creative circle. No, we are not structured like a ‘group’ with president or whatever but Karen and I are the undeterminable ‘guides’ and we are ready to move on to bigger things. We would like each member’s input but are not sure yet how to formulate our request, i.e. questionnaire or just tell us what you like or dislike, what works or doesn’t for you. Stay tuned.

Whew, there was/is more but I am reeling from a dinner party we had last night for our neighborhood ‘Creekers Pot Luckers’ gang. We are loosing a cherished couple who are moving back to Vancouver Island. So a send off was required. And that ‘party punch’ I made did indeed have a wee bit more punch than it should have.

Before I forget, next FAB is at Dawna’s up near the Lookoff in Canning. Date to be determined in August. And a sleepover will be organized for those of you travelling from afar or for those who just love pyjama parties. Who, me?


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