Accepted into ‘Local Color” Grand National

Two down, two to go…. meaning I have two more exhibitions I would like to get my work in this year. Very pleased to announce I have been accepted into the Grand National in Kitchener, Ontario. The theme ‘Local Color’ was a fun challenge.


My Artist’s Statement for ‘Endangered in Nova Scotia‘:

The Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens in Wolfville NS promotes the conservation of endangered plant species – five of which I have featured on my art quilt. The beauty of our landscape can be over-shadowed by the threat of species extinction.

As an intuitive mixed media artist I am guided by the subject as it progresses. My textile art focuses on color and visual texture. I incorporate traditional and contemporary techniques to blend the ‘story’ often using many layers. ‘Endangered in Nova Scotia’ is patterned with a variety of surface design processes: ink painting, sulky embroidery, hand embroidery and machine quilting.


Above close up – many of these species are so rare that you will only find them in one small area of Nova Scotia.


Above close up – Eastern Mountain Avens


Above close up – The thread-leaved sundew is my favourite.


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