Entry for ‘Minerals’ accepted

MADELOSO_Fundy Fire Agate close up

I am very pleased to announce that my art quilt was accepted for the ‘Minerals’ art quilt exhibition at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada, PDAC in Toronto March 3 – 6 at the Convention Center. My art quilt is titled ‘Fundy Flame Agate’ and was inspired by the photographs of Chris and Dave Sheppard of Nova Scotia. (visit Fundy Rocks on Facebook). It is definitely one of the more unusual art quilts I have created and was very challenging indeed.

MADELOSO_Fundy Fire Agate

I attended a presentation by Chris and his father, Dave, at Acadia University here in Wolfville and after seeing all their amazing photos I was absolutely inspired.

It is a representation of a slice of agate combined with a quartz amethyst center where I have used crystal beading, painted saran wrap, melted tyvek and all sorts of other techniques. It measures 70 cm x 62 cm. Truly a challenge and I am very excited that this piece will also travel to Verona, Italy, during the festival Verona Tessile, April 16 to 21, 2013.

MADELOSO_Fundy Fire Agate close up2


7 thoughts on “Entry for ‘Minerals’ accepted

  1. This piece is just gorgeous, Kate – would love to see it ‘in the flesh’ so to speak. Shame Claudine & co have now left Italy…..
    Congratulations, no more than you deserve. x

    • It is for sale. It is currently in the SAQA My Corner of the World art quilt exhibition at Perth Museum in Stratford ON and will be on tour for over a year.

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