Eclectic Collection Show and Sale

I have pulled out a pile of UFO’s (UnFinished Objects) and finished them off for a:

Textile Artwork Show and Sale: Nov 9 to Dec 3, an eclectic collection of textile explorations by Kate Madeloso, Nova Scotia quilt artist & designer. Nov. 9 to Dec. 3rd at Foxy Moon Hair Gallery, 2725 Agricola Street, Halifax Tues, Wed: 10am – 6pm; Thurs, Fri: 11am – 8pm; Sat. 10am – 3pm

There are about 22 pieces, most of them are new and include more of my embroidered quiltart. A little bit whacky but if you like texture and detail, well, you will enjoy the fun I had.


2 thoughts on “Eclectic Collection Show and Sale

  1. I wish I had known about your show at the ‘Foxy Moon’ … what a fun name for a place. I am sure it would have been a delight to see. I guess I will have to keep tuned to your website and see what you have to offer in the new year. I hope you are settling in nicely in your new home. My aunt and uncle used to live in that area and I always enjoyed visiting not only them but the town itself. Keep in touch and visit when you are in the ‘big city’. All the best.

    • You weren’t at the stitch in when I talked about the show. Sorry. The show will be up for another few weeks yet. They have asked to keep it up until Christmas so I will probably take it down end of Dec. Thanx, and maybe will see you out here for a visit? Bring the girls out for a field trip!

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