The last of my small art quilts – so far

I think one of the hardest things as a textile artist, or any artist for that matter where you are working with lots of different materials and techniques, etc. – is to keep a record of all that you are producing. I bought a new camera this summer so that I wouldn't have to struggle all day to get an acceptable photo to send off for consideration into exhibitions. Not only are we artisans but now we have to be skilled photographers!!

This piece in particular was very difficult to shoot. Since moving to the east coast of Canada I have discovered that the weather is the most popular topic of conversation – mainly due to the foggy wet days. So here I have created Misty Sea, (30.5cm x 30.5 cm) trying to capture that foggy mist that gives everything a ghost like appearance. Yet where you stand, the foreground is so intense and clear.


The difficulty in shooting is the mix of matte type fabrics against ones with a sheen (the overlay).


Seriously, I would rather be in my studio making another one for the time it took me to shoot this pic to best illustrate the different fabrics. !!

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