Textile Update

Finally, some time at the computer. I am loading several pics of textile work I have done in the past year. Just the smaller pieces that were inbetween the more major pieces.


Earth Vessels (30 cm x 46.5cm) is a continuation of a series of vessels,

which were up to now three dimensional. This is one of those 'in the back of my mind' ideas where I would like to do some work with the shapes of vessels and create a high contrast of texture. Materials: raw wool, palm tree bark, polished stones, threads; osnaburg cotton backgroud; african batik binding on a recycled wool skirt border. Dry needle felted, hand & machine embroidery.

My friend, Linda in Cyprus, gave me a pair very gaudy silk trousers which became the focal point for these flowers in Fantasy Garden (36.5 x 46.5cm) below. The background is a hand dyed loose weave cotton. I've dry needle felted the fabric into flower petal shapes and leaves. Then added some hand applique and embroidery with various weights of thread. This is all covered with hand dyed silk chiffon then machine and hand embroidered.



I love the silk chiffon overlay. It slightly mutes the colors and pulls it all together. You can see the texture underneath. And with more texture on top you can't resist to run your hand over it. It won Viewers Choice in the Presidents Challenge 'Out of the Box' for the Mariners Quilt Guild in Dartmouth.


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