Quick trip to Damascus


I visited Damascus about four years ago and fell in love with the souks. So I jumped at the opportunity to make a quick 3 day jaunt over with some friends for a girlie shopping trip.

I think it is the Middle East's best kept secret. Although it is not an attractive city as most buildings are a dirty white with a plain box architecture, there are gems to be found in many places.

And the Syrians and the friendliest and most welcoming. The streets are kept very clean and we felt very safe. We were even interviewed by a CBC reporter from Toronto who was curious as to why we had come to visit. We were two Canadians, a Brit and a Scot. Our answer: for the shopping, of course!

The numerous Souks are filled with everything imaginable and if you can get off the main Souk area into the back streets you can find all kinds of bargains, sites, smells and wonder.


We chose to dine in the evenings in the lovely old Damascus restaurants

 that are restored family villas with beautiful courtyards, marble floors, mosaics, artwork, antiques and the most wonderful food your hungry tummy could ever desire.

It is well worth a visit. There are about 7 five star retreat hotels that will be built in the next five years. It will change, unfortunately, but for now it holds a wonderful oldly worldly charm that will have you wanting more….

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