Kindred Spaces Textile Exhibition

This small ad caught my eye – a call for entries for a textile exhibition in Charlottetown, PEI, celebrating 100 years of Anne of Green Gables. I remember first reading Lucy Maude Montgomery's book back in about 1960. I loved Anne's imagination so I decided to reread the book to see if anything sparked for me.

As soon as I read in the fifth chapter Anne watching a bumble bee fly about she said "what a lovely place to live – in an apple blossom"… the image came to me immediately. What better way to introduce myself to the Maritimes than with an image of a beloved character so well known around the world.

I hand painted the petals which have an extra layer of batting. And Anne's bed had a real tiny little patchwork quilt. The challenge was to make the blossom look like it was gently swaying in the breeze – a very graphic approach but simple. Although technically it was indeed a challenge.

"A Lovely Place to Live - In An Apple Blossom"

22" x 34" hand dyed & commercial fabrics, applique, various threads, hand embroidery with lots of couching

She won 2nd place in her category – to illustrate a writing of Lucy Maude Montgomery. What doesn't show up in this photo is the pantograph in the top and bottom background. I machine stitched a continuous line that incorporates the title of the piece plus images of bees, butterflies, stars, dragonflies, leaves and Anne flying through the sky.

Peter was here from Kabul for the opening so we drove first to Cape Breton to check out that end of the province. Then headed over by ferry to PEI and spent two days in Charlottetown. Lovely lovely city.

The exhibition ran from Sep 12 to Oct 12. Included in the show was a quilt exhibition from a quilt group in Japan who also responded to the theme of Anne of Green Gables. I will load those pictures later when I have time to clean them up a bit. Truely amazing. Incredible detail.

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