NFC – Hearts and Flowers

The last needle felt challenge was Hearts and Flowers. I didn't think I was going to have time to do this but Sunday morning I just felt this urge. Here are the scraps I started with and the base fabric is a hand dyed basket weave linen.


I really like dry needle felting by hand because you can get all this amazing texture. I chose really bright colors because I wanted to cover the whole thing with a light blue chiffon which subdues the colors. The felted design below is about 12 inches by 17 inches.



If I had an embellisher I wouldn't have to cover this with chiffon but I want to use this piece as a panel for a cloth carry bag that I am making as a gift for my mom for her 85th birthday. The chiffon will hold everything in place as some of the needle felting was touch and go. The center of the hearts are a polyester fabric (the dotted turquoise) that did not want to felt at all so I covered it with gold voile and that worked a charm. 



I did some free machine embroidery which changes the piece entirely. Now I am going to do some hand embroidery and some beading, some more machine embroidery. But I have to finish some mosaics first.

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