TAST Cross stitch and barred chain stitch

Lots of distractions the past few weeks so I scurried about to get these two samplers done for TAST.

I think I got caught in the stereotype universal use of the cross stitch. I do not dislike this stitch, although I do find it a bit boring. The end result of large cross stitch pieces can be breath taking. I just couldn't seem to break out and do anything really creative with it.

Which is maybe why when it came to the barred chain stitch I went away from my usual format totally and just did a wild unplanned 'play' piece using whatever different threads I could find. This is an intriguing stitch with great potential.

I think I would like to rename it the barbed chain stitch. Some lines really reminded me of barbed wire. I was confused at first and thought that it was two layers of stitch, the first one a row of regular chain with a 2nd row of twisted chain over top – hence the very top yellow row. Having never done a twisted chain before it took some study to get it right but then I was away once I understood the structure of it. The long stitches on the left – very stretched stitches with a DMC Perle 8 were the favourite ones.

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