Week 7 TAST feather stitch

I have to say that I have really enjoyed making all the mini samplers so far. TAST   I've liked all the stitches but I think my favourite at the moment is chevron. I am making some mobile phone pouches on dyed cotton using a variety of these stitches so when they are finished I will post pics. 

On all these samplers I start off with a plain stitch to get the structure correct. Then I start doing variations, using the weave as a grid to figure out the pattern. On the sides I loosen up, getting off the grid and doing freeform work.

They are such great references for when I want to create a piece I just flip through these to the stitch I think will work with what I am doing. I just rec'd a bunch of Krenik metallic ribbon threads. Yummy. I like the idea of building up texture so I am thinking of doing another set of samplers using ribbons, yarns, etc.

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