Needle felt challenges

As if I didn't have enough to do…. I've joined the needlefelt challenge group which gives me a great excuse to use up all these buckets of hand dyed wool I have been hoarding for a few years. My first contribution was for the 'Spice' challenge.


The next challenge was 'Different Background' so I used a lovely textured cotton sweater I found at the thrift shop that had already been shrunk. I gave it a blast in the washing machine and dryer to compact it more.

Then I needle felted on bits of wool plaid fabric and hand dyed spun wool. Topped off with a hand felted flower. All of this is done with a felting needle, no stitching anywhere. I do not yet have the luxury of an embellishing machine but you can bet I am saving my pesos for that next addition to the studio!

My camera is broken at the moment so these pieces are scanned. I am limited to the scan bed size. So you don't see the handles on the edges of the coffee cozy that wrap around my coffee bodum. The current challenge is 'Purple' – I have too many ideas so don't know where to start.

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